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Airmax Nasal Dilator

Airmax nasal dilator

The Airmax is a well-developed product in the field of nasal dilators. The shape of the Airmax has been developed by airflow experts and its positive effects have been tested and proven by ENT doctors. Airmax nasal dilator has successfully been used in multiple clinical studies over the last years.

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Airmax is a medical device in the category of nasal dilators. Both versions come in two different sizes: Small & Medium.The product can be found at many resellers al around the globe.  You will find the Airmax at pharmacies, drugstores, grocery stores and multiple online sales channels. Click on the button below to get a better overview of the product and variations available.

Airmax Nasal Dilator

AIRMAX Nasal Dilator – Small+Medium

Airmax Nasal DilatorHow to use Airmax

The Airmax must be rinsed with water both before and after use. When using the Airmax for the first time, we recommend the use of a mirror to help you position the device symmetrically. The Airmax has been properly positioned when the legs widen the nasal entrance and when the ‘connecting bridge’ is touching your nasal septum. You will notice an immediate impact on your nasal inflow and outflow. This better airflow will help you optimize your breathing, feel more relaxed and reduce your snoring.

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